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Meet Joel

Born to a proud blue-collar family, Joel grew up in Shirley, NY.  After his family relocated to North Carolina during his senior year of High School, Joel attended a local community college and subsequently the State University of New York at Albany.  As the son of a truck driver and nurse’s aid, Joel was the first in his family to attend college.   

No stranger to hard work and long hours, Joel went to college part-time while working three demanding jobs as a news reporter and talk radio host, hospital overnight medical technician, and county government finance analyst.    

On 9-11, Joel used his medical training as a first responder and participated in the “bucket brigade” at Ground Zero.  He would later go on to win a joint Associated Press Award for Team Radio Coverage of the 9-11 tragedy.     

Despite his heavy work schedule, Joel earned both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree in Economics from the University at Albany.  After graduation, he worked with “Big Four” accounting firm Deloitte, where we worked with significant clients including Tyco and Fannie and re-located to Charlotte.  Ultimately, he left Deloitte to return to government service, serving as the City Economist and Assistant City Treasurer for the City of Charlotte. 

Taking the position at the height of the financial crisis, Joel was intimately involved with restructuring and issuing the City’s General Obligation, Transportation, Airport and Enterprise Debt.  He worked closely with City and County staff to develop operating budgets and revenue estimates while ensuring that the City maintained its AAA rating.  During that period, Joel also attended Wake Forest University part-time to earn a MBA. 

Joel’s passion is municipal finance and investment management.  After leaving the City Finance office, Joel was blessed to leverage his practitioner-level municipal experience in an investment role.   

As an accomplished municipal investor, he was nationally recognized by the Municipal Bond Buyer as a “Rising Star” in 2017.  He is active in the municipal finance industry, serving on the Board of Directors for the Southern Municipal Finance Society and has been asked to speak at more than a dozen national conferences including Duke University Law School’s conference on Municipal Bankruptcy and UNC’s conference on sustainable investing.  

Always ready for an academic challenge, Joel completed his law degree part-time at the Charlotte School of Law, finishing their 4-year program and passing the NC Bar in just 2.5 years.   He is currently earning an advanced law degree from Georgetown University in Securities and Financial Regulation.

Joel is active in his Church’s faith formation program (St. Matthew Catholic Church), is a frequent contributor to homeless remediation programs, and previously served as the Vice Chairman for Mecklenburg County Board of Equalization and review.   

Having a passion for education and the Community College system, Joel has intermittently taught classes in Macro and Micro Economics at Central Piedmont Community College for the past 11 years.

He resides in Charlotte's Providence Plantation neighborhood with his amazing wife and high school sweetheart, Monica.   Joel and Monica have five vibrant and rambunctious children (aged 4 months to 10 years), a golden retriever named Luna and a hamster named Hamlet.  





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